Jancee Warnick  -  guitar & vocals
Avsen Morosov  -  bass-balalayka & vocals
Chris Slazy / Steve Iceberg  -  drums & vocals

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Current Release
"Solo Adultos", Gagarinbeat/Cargo 2018

15 years ago in the City of Cologne, Germany, an Oregon small-time criminal with an outstanding talent to pick the guitar (being the only thing to him out of jail) ran into 2 Russian runaways with a degree in classical music and a heart of gold. Quickly, they discovered their untamed love to adrenaline-laden and vodka-drenched rock'n roll and established the JANCEE PORNICK CASINO. After an incredible 3000 shows in Europe and Russia they recently completed their latest output SOLO ADULTOS.

It is the 8th lp by legendary Russian-American rock makers JANCEE PORNICK CASINO named after their leader Jancee Warnick. After 3 years of secretive work in their private studio Jancee's girlfriend/business advisor was the first person to be exposed to the new material. Her spontaneous reaction was: Do you ever think about something other than sex?' Jancee did not have a good answer for that other than I dunno, man, kinda hard to live without it, don't you think?'

The PORNICK CASINO hands you a fiery Molotov cocktail of surf music, rockabilly and 60's garage music laced with a deadly jug of Russian extacy, adrenaline and self-irony. JANCEE's jack-in-the-box Las-Vegas-on-speed persona crossbreeds BRIAN SETZER's virtuosity with ANGUS YOUNG's striking force all the while driven by a Sibirian hurricane of Morosov's bass balalayka and Chris' drum craze.

Southern Moon Booking
Janina Blume
Leidener Str. 2
50735 Köln

Phone:    ++49 (0)179 464 29 66

"Solo Adultos", Gagarinbeat Records/Cargo 2018
"Planet Girls", Gagarinbeat Records/Cargo 2015
"Siberian Girls", Gagarinbeat Records/Cargo 2013
"Slice Of Your Loving", Gagarinbeat Records/Cargo 2011
"Pravda", Gagarinbeat Records/Cargo 2008
"Multiball", Bloody Baron Records, 2005
"Wrestle That Dude", Red Baron Records, 2003
"Rocker", Kamikaze Records, 2002
"Marlboro Men Attack", Southern Moon Records, 2000
"The Unknown Stuntman", Brutus Records, 2001

Former Band Members
Stanislav Torbotrous - drums
Maxim Torbotrous - bass
Vladimir Martens - bass
Alexey Kryukov - drums
Ulas Saglam - drums